Willies’ music is a true blue self reflection, somewhat whimsical and unpredictable, but make no mistake…the message and music will impact you in a variety of ways that have you craving more. Imagine dark chocolate with a sense of humor.

Jerry Mills -- Mandolin player w/ Southern Exposure and host of Rocky Mt. Bluegrass on KOLT FM.

Welcome to Willie Hammond's Music

Willie Hammond's folk-jazz style - and the poignant lyrics of Yvonne Hammond - have earned her the recognition as a KUNC radio's "Best New Artist" nominee -- and voted winner by listeners.Willie Hammond

Willie's first experience writing music was in composing soundtracks for the Theater and Dance Department of the University of Colorado at Boulder, and for Fiske Planetarium, also in Boulder. This early part of her experience earned an endorsement from Dave Grusin who sent her tracks out to L.A. for a listen, and to help open a door for a wannabe film composer. After a brief trip out, and observing the immediate choices at hand, she opted to follow her other desire -- song writing. So she returned to Boulder, Colorado.

R'ythm of Livin'

New CD Released!

On it are songs that won her "Best New Artist" from KUNC Radio!

Click here to listen to the songs that are on the CD.